• New Message:  By simply being part of our Instagram Community you’ll be notified via Direct Message or Email when a project that fits your specific skills and rate has been received.

  • Accept or Decline: At this point you’ll either Accept or Decline the invitation for a new project alert depending on your availability. If you accept the invitation, the brief  along with an NDA will be forwarded to you for further consideration via email.

  • Formalities: The brief will highlight all the project and client details for your consideration. If all is to your liking and availability you’ll be asked to sign off on your understanding of the details along with the NDA.

  • Screening:  During this time the client will be able to view your profile to further see what you’re about and decide whether you’re the right fit so make sure your profile represents you well. If you pass you’ll be notified that you’ve been selected for the job!

  • Service Agreement: Final selection by the client will be followed by a service agreement contract. This document is a formal legal document holding you responsible to completing the project to the standards and requirements set in the brief. So please take the time to consider your availability before committing to the project


  • Project Management:  Every project will have a We.Collab project manager assigned to manage it at this point, making sure you’re able to rest easy knowing your project is in good hands from A all the way to Z


  • Getting Started:  Once you’ve settled on the creatives for your project we’ll send you a summarized project details document for signing off. This document includes the project details and timelines along with the selected creatives for your project. Remember signing this off confirms that the information is correct and to your requirements. So take a little time and read it over.  ​


  • Meet and Greet: Our skilled project manager will set up a meeting with you and the creatives to establish and confirm project milestones. You’ll need to sign this off too. We know but last document we promise.


  • Contact: All communication from this point onward will be according to the milestones established but feel free to contact your project manager throughout any stage in the project.


  • Name:  Whether its your company name or personal one we’ll need your details to help us get to know you better.


  • Email: Your email lets us get in touch with you when we’ve found creatives that meet your brief requirements and budget.


  • Project Name: Your project needs a name so take the time to come up with a cool one, as long it’s one that best and clearly describes your project we don’t mind.


  • Industry:  Getting started we’re going to need you to let us know who you need for your project from our 9 categories. Our easy to use interface lets you browse through our categories of creatives. Whether you need one or a team of creatives we’re sure we can find you the right fit.


  • Budget: Not all creatives were created equal, and we understand this. Let your project budget and needs guide your choice in quality. Whether you want to pay more for a higher quality Architect and a little less for an Interior Designer our budget approach lets you find the right balance for your budget and your project.


  • Brief:  Last but not least let us know your wants and needs for the project in mind, the more specific you are the better for us and your project. So spend a little more time writing your project brief it goes a long way in determining the success of your project.


  • Sourcing:  Once we receive your brief we’ll turn to our community of creatives and source the creatives that best meet your budget and project needs both for your selection and confirmation.